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Girl Power

Women’s Week hits the Coachella Valley with a passionate mix of entertainment, food, inspiration, and nods to female empowerment.

As the curtain begins to fall on a decade filled with cultural milestones and political maelstroms, another one rises dramatically on the local front in hopes of creating an empowering precedent in the years to come.

Palm Springs Women’s Week (Sept. 29-Oct. 6), dubbed “a celebration of lesbian thought,” is bound to be a robust endeavor, one that is specifically designed to bring women near and far to the Coachella Valley for a week-long series of events that celebrate lesbian culture, and showcase and boost the status of women.

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For Women, By Women: The First Palm Springs Women's Week Celebrates 'Lesbian Culture and Thought' and Is Open to All

Women's Week will include a “Food and Wine Party” featuring a variety of women chefs, including La Tasha McCutchen, a winner of Hell’s Kitchen.. Read more

Music to Our Ears

After years of performing as a backup singer to the music industry’s hottest talents, Judith Hill commands the stage at Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival.. Read more
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