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  MAKE A DATE WITH JAZZ– September 2-4, 2016  
Desert Sun Last top 10 desert music fests slated in Joshua Tree

The envelope-stretching Joshua Tree Music Festival launches Thursday, marking the start of the last of my top 10 desert area music festivals. But it's facing competition from an up-and-coming music festival and a long-time favorite that raises funds for a worthwhile cause. Read more
Desert Sun

The Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival is quickly becoming one of my favorite events.

Singer-guitarist Julie Kelly did a soulful tribute to samba legend Astrud Gilberto, singing difficult melodic progressions to plaintive Brazilian songs so effortlessly to the accompaniment of the great Karen Hammack Trio that it was just mesmerizing. Read more

The Press Enterprise PALM SPRINGS: Women's Jazz Festival is hot-ticket event

If you've done as much of the Dinah Shore Weekend kind of stuff as your heart can handle, the Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival at the Escena Golf Club just might be your hot, female knight in shining armor.

The jazz festival is the creation of producer duo Lucy and Gail, who have crafted a music festival designed with a soulful woman's delight in mind. Read more
Lesbian news Living the Blues and All That Jazz
This year Sweet Baby J'ai highlights her genre-defying work at Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival – Dinah Weekend, which both embraces and expands jazz and tradition. Read more

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superwoman
In the case of the Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival - it's SUPERWOMEN!Meet the Founders: By Sweet Baby J'ai
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The Woman With The Platinum Fingers
By Sweet Baby J'ai
Hold the press! Did hear somebody say winner of six consecutive Downbeat magazine international critics' polls? Consecutive? Who is this woman? I made it my business to find out.
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Pamela Williams
The award-winning saxophonist promises good music, fun, high energy, and a very memorable show at the Palm Springs Women's Jazz Festival. She reflects on the importance of family; knowing where you came from; the connection of black history to her music, and how jazz reaches across cultures to connect us.
By Sweet Baby J'ai
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Lucy and Gail