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I think that testosterone is a rare poison  ....Germaine Greer

Lucy and Gail began in 2003 with backyard parties for African-American lesbians. The parties were intended for lesbians of color and their friends coming to Palm Springs for the Dinah Shore weekend. A special effort was made to bring single women together to connect in a welcoming and stress-free setting. These parties were called Dinah in Color.  Today Dinah in Color has grown beyond a weekend in Palm Springs to become an exciting travel experience for lesbians of color to come together from around the country for four days of social and cultural renewal.
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Guests may design any payment plan that fits their budget with the final payment due the first week in August, 2012.

Package Prices:
One Person - $1298pp
Two people - $998 pp
Three people - $858pp
Four people – 798pp
For Suites add $700 to the package price.
Monthly Payments – For those guests wishing to pay monthly, to determine the monthly payments divide the amount of the package by the number of months left until August. Include August.
March 6 months
April 5 months
May 4 months
June 3 months
July 2 months
August Full Payment Due
One month's payment will serve as the deposit to secure the reservation.
A one time service charge of $30 will be added to the last payment of all guests paying by installment.

Any cancellations of one or more reservations/packages before October 31, 2011 will result in a refund of any amounts paid minus the $100 per person deposit.
Any cancellations after October 31, 2011 will result in total forfeiture of any and all amounts paid toward one or more reservations/packages.
Sales of individual tickets are final with no refunds.


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