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My father warned me about men and booze, but he never mentioned a word about women and cocaine .....Tallulah Bankhead

Lucy and Gail began in 2003 with backyard parties for African-American lesbians. The parties were intended for lesbians of color and their friends coming to Palm Springs for the Dinah Shore weekend. A special effort was made to bring single women together to connect in a welcoming and stress-free setting. These parties were called Dinah in Color.  Today Dinah in Color has grown beyond a weekend in Palm Springs to become an exciting travel experience for lesbians of color to come together from around the country for four days of social and cultural renewal.
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If you and your partner or a friend were traveling to San Francisco on your own for 4 days and stayed in a comparable hotel and duplicated the food, drink and events offered by Lucy and Gail here is an estimate of what you would spend:

4 Star Hotel – 3 nights $900
Dinner at hotel $150
Breakfast Friday and Saturday $120
Cabs to and from Airport $100
Muir Woods Tour $140
Wine tour of Napa with lunch $300
City Tour $160
Evening Boat Cruise $300
Dancing 2 nights with tips, drinks $200
Sunday Jazz $100
Drinks, tips, tax $100pp
Total $ 2470 for 2  / $1235 per person
Lucy and Gail hotel plus all events $2346 for 2  /  $1173 per person

Plus, you cannot put a price tag on the privacy, service, camaraderie and satisfaction that comes from spending several days with wonderful women from all around the country.


What People Are Saying

"The service your team provide was extraordinary. Every staff member was warm, friendly and responsive to my every need."  ...Renee


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